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Dear Friend,

Thank you for the honor to represent you. I thank you for the continued opportunity to fight for our community under the Gold Dome. As we enter into a new legislative session there are a few key issues I would like you to know about.

Nothing is more important than creating jobs for our community and educating our children.

I believe more needs to be done for working families in Clayton County. Local officials from Lake City, Morrow and Forest Park are working towards creating an Opportunity Zone, known as TriCity project, in order to attract jobs to the area.

Opportunity Zones provide small businesses with state funding opportunities. In addition, I worked with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development to designate Forest Park as a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) paving the way for major projects creating jobs through the Federal Foreign Investors Program (EB5). I was proud to lead the efforts introducing Legislation creating the Redevelopment Powers Act for Fort Gillem.

This redevelopment authority is projected to lead to 1.5 billion dollars in potential revenue and creating thousands of local jobs in Clayton County. I will continue to support our local governments, the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce, Development Authorities and other organizations on various projects to attract quality jobs to Clayton County.

I will continue to work hard to see that Clayton’s children receive the best educational opportunities possible. I have fought hard to end teacher furloughs, provide more funding for our educational programs and to bring pay increases to teachers.

I have been loudly calling for additional state spending to support our schools. After many years of being a vocal supporter of education I was glad to finally see movement from the state government for more educational support. Regardless of the motive, the proposed increase in funding will bring $547 million more dollars to educate our children.

I believe that our success and growth is connected to our higher education programs. That is why I have continued to support higher education communities. I believe that we need to give our children the best education options possible.

I have fought to bring funding to help Clayton State University. Recently Clayton State received its long-awaited funding for its science department, which includes $19.8 million for a new facility.

I am a great supporter of this project and am proud to say that the General Assembly has now promised a portion of this year’s budget, $2.9 million in state funding, to equip Clayton State’s new science building.

As your Representative, I will continue to support higher education opportunities and fight to provide funding for these programs.

Once again, thank you for letting me serve you in the Georgia General Assembly. I am dedicated to being a voice for our community.


Representative Mike Glanton

P.O. Box 216, Jonesboro , GA 30236 Paid For Friends to Elect Mike Glanton

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